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TC2000 software & data service levels

TC2000 software and data subscriptions are sold separately from Worden Brothers, Inc., an affiliated company. The table below summarizes pricing and feature differences between Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can activate service levels and data feeds from within the software itself.







Trade stocks and options through TC2000 Brokerage1
Browse award-winning2 streaming charts with 100+ indicators
Covers 100,000+ stocks, options and funds
Add real-time data feeds for stocks, indexes, news and options3
Access 8 prebuilt layouts including Trading, Options, TC Classic, DrillDown, Sector by Year, 1-Chart, 4-Timeframe, Morningstar®4
Practice & test your strategies in simulated paper trading accounts
Keep your own personal watchlists and access 80+ built-in watchlists
Write on-the-fly personal notes and save stocks to your favorites
Link the active symbol to financial websites
Move & tab windows to build custom layouts based on how you work
Access your charts and watchlists from Mobile app
Create conditions in the step-by-step EasyScan® wizard dialog
Show 2-second scan results in watchlists or checkmark columns
Combine conditions based on technical criteria, fundamentals and different time frames
Draw trendlines, shapes, fibs, notes and more on charts
Sort watchlists by technical indicators, Morningstar data and your custom criteria
Monitor up to 100 alerts on price, indicators and trendlines
Watch stocks with upcoming dividend & earnings announcements
Overlay sectors, industry and comparison indexes
Create custom reports
Write your own personal criteria formulas (PCF’s) to scan, sort and plot
Overlay earnings, institutional ownership, sales and more data from Morningstar
Live EasyScan Dashboard
Set automatic re-sort intervals on your watchlists
Monitor real-time counts of stocks passing your scans (up to 15 concurrent)
Instantly access watchlists of passing stocks by clicking on count in dashboard
Track market sentiment by watching stocks flow between your scans
Organize your EasyScans into reports
Monitor up to 1000 alerts on price, indicators and trendlines







Data and news feeds can be added to Silver, Gold or Platinum. Data pricing below is for non-professionals. Real-time stock data includes NYSE, Nasdaq, S&P Indexes, NBBO.

Monthly Data Feeds
$14.99 Real-Time U.S. Stock Data
- $9.99 Real-Time U.S. Index Data
- $9.99 Real-Time U.S. Option Data

Dow Jones Indexes & WatchLists
- $1.00 Delayed
- $2.00 Real-Time

LiveBriefs by MT Newswires
- $8.00 Investor Feed
- $50.00 MT Pro Feed

Interest rates charged on margin loan balances

We use a blended rate based on the size of your balance. To calculate the blended rate, the first $100,000 is charged at the tier I rate, the next $900,000 at the tier II rate, etc. TC2000 Brokerage accrues interest on a daily basis and posts the actual interest monthly on the 3rd business day of the following month. The tiers which interest is based upon may change from time-to-time without prior notification to customers. Such adjustments are done periodically to adjust for changes in currency rates.

Margin Rates
Tier Balance Interest Rate
Tier I $0 to $100,000 2.7%
Tier II $100,000.01 to $1,000,000 2.2%
Tier III $1,000,000.01 to $3,000,000 1.75%
Tier IV $3,000,000.01 to $200,000,000 1.75%
Tier V $200,000,000+ 1.75%*

Margin rates as of 03/23/2020

*May be subject to a 1% surcharge applied to the spread if financing is not pre-arranged.

4-1 Intraday Margin Ratio

A Reg. T account holding $10,000 in cash may purchase and hold on an intra-day basis $40,000 in securities given the default intra-day maintenance margin requirement of 25%, which translates to a buying power of 4:1. Some equities have higher margin requirements or are not marginable at all.

2-1 Overnight Margin Ratio

A Reg. T account holding $10,000 in cash may purchase and hold overnight $20,000 in securities as Reg. T imposes an initial margin requirement of 50%, which translates to a buying power of 2:1. Some equities have higher margin requirements or are not marginable at all.

Margin accounts must maintain a minimum balance of $2000

Minimum requirements to open an account

New individual accounts usually take 1-3 days to approve (Corporate and Trust accounts may take longer). Once approved, you have 60 days to fund the account with a minimum initial deposit of $2500.

Security features require that all applicants have access to a cell phone with texting capabilities.

NOTE: TC2000 Brokerage, Inc. can only accept applicants who reside in the United States or reside in a place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

  1. Approved and funded account is required. TC2000 Brokerage, Inc. and Worden Brothers, Inc. are separate companies, affiliated through common ownership. All securities are offered through TC2000 Brokerage, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.
  2. Voted Best "Standalone, Analytical Software $500 and less" by the readers of Stocks & Commodities magazine from 1993 through 2019
  3. Additional subscription fee is required.
  4. Some layout features not available with Silver subscription.