Trading Platforms & Resources

Your TC2000 Brokerage account/s can be accessed from the following applications and websites.

TC2000 Software for Windows

This is the main trading hub which integrates all of your TC2000 brokerage accounts with charts, scans, alerts, news, industries, portfolio windows, trade logs and order management tools. If you have more than one brokerage account, they will automatically be linked in the top pulldown of your TC2000 software.

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Account Management

This website by the clearing firm, Interactive Brokers, is where you manage your TC2000 Brokerage account/s:

  • Set up deposits, withdrawals and position transfers
  • Change personal account information such as account title, name or address
  • Upgrade a Cash Account to a Reg T Margin Account
  • Run and customize activity statements
  • Change your account password or email address
  • Subscribe to market data for TWS and WebTrader platforms by IB

IB TWS Mobile

This mobile app by Interactive Brokers lets you place trades and monitor positions in your TC2000 Brokerage account/s.

Trader Workstation (TWS) by IB

Advanced trading & analysis software from Interactive Brokers. This is an optional Windows platform that will work with your TC2000 Brokerage account/s.

WebTrader by IB

An HTML-based trading platform from Interactive Brokers. This can be accessed from any browser on any computer to trade in your TC2000 Brokerage accounts.